The choice of portable formaldehyde detector sampling

With the ever-changing living standards, the formaldehyde gas has quietly entered our lives, formaldehyde detector played a crucial role, but customers do not know in the choice of formaldehyde detector choose Which will lead to sampling, Ithere are two sampling portable formaldehyde detector, a diffusion sampler portable formaldehyde detector, and the other is a portable pump suction sampling formaldehyde detector that customers choose formaldehyde detector in the end to choose whicha sampling method, the two formaldehyde detector in the end What is the difference?

A pump suction formaldehyde detector suggests that it is the instrument is equipped with a small air pump, the way it works is power driven pump to treat the area measured by formaldehyde exhaust sample, and then formaldehyde into the instrument to detect. Pump suction formaldehyde detector is characterized by speed, and with external sampling handle, you can right now dangerous area for distance measurement, and maintenance personnel safety, and diffusion-type gas detector.

Second, the diffusion of formaldehyde detector suggests that it is gas detection area were detected as slow the free flow of air to the sample gas into the instrument. This way the detection of environmental impact, such as ambient temperature, wind speed. Diffusion formaldehyde detector advantage is the relatively low cost.

Pump-priming and the proliferation gas detector works, formaldehyde sensor for formaldehyde detection organize converted to the corresponding value displayed on the screen and then through the circuit to enlarge.

So if the customer is the concentration of formaldehyde detected in the case of relatively low concentration of formaldehyde, we recommend that customers use of diffused formaldehyde detector, but detected if the concentration of customers in the detection of formaldehyde in the case of relatively high concentration of formaldehyde or in tight spaces the concentration of formaldehyde, we advise clients to use the pump suction formaldehyde detector.

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